Susan Hammer

"A green roof was a component of a $59 million redevelopment project at AMA Plaza.  Upon learning about the compelling flexibility of the system – primarily the fact that it is lightweight and can utilize a variety of plant choices -  Omni Ecosystems designers engineered a unique system specific to our roof and which could withstand the extreme environment, including wind, of a location 700 feet above the ground on the 52nd floor of the building. Over two years later, and after a harsh winter, the performance of the green roof system has exceeded our very high expectations."

Susan Hammer, 

Riverview Realty Partners

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Omni Admin

"Omni Ecosystems installed a 3,500-square-foot green roof system on an existing Landmark building at 1000 West Randolph Street in Chicago. The systems features an irrigation and drainage system that assists with long-term maintenance. Omni Ecosystems' proactive management made it easy to complete the project on-time and on-budget. Their field team worked with Builtech as a partner, making the project delivery process seamless. I would definitely work with them again and have already recommended them to Builtech's new Interiors division."

-Steve Pressoir

Sr. Superintendent Builtech Services, LLC.

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Dave Rubin

“During the green roof installation, the crew from Omni Ecosystems demonstrated creativity, resourcefulness and a collaborative approach that assured the Land Collective vision would be fulfilled.

Omni’s soil mix is ideal for constrained sites and made for the perfect environment for a diverse palette. Plants included varieties of Hemerocallis and large sedum, as well as a meadow mix.  They are perfectionists and whether the matter was expressed as a concern of our studio or their own attention to detail, whatever the concern, it was addressed expeditiously.

DAVID RUBIN Land Collective recommends Omni Ecosystems wholeheartedly and without reservations. The firm is an incredible asset to any project team.”

- David Rubin

Founding Principal of DAVID RUBIN Land Collective

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