The Omni Facade™ merges state-of-the-art modular green wall design with Omni Infinity Media. The result is an ultra-lightweight green wall that grows vines, food, flowers, and more. The system is easy to install and to maintain, and can be customized to various sizes and finishes.


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There are two types of green walls: green facades and living walls. Green facades are typically planted at the base of an exterior wall and provide an ideal environment for climbing plants. The Omni Facade is made from a lightweight aluminum framework that is attractive and easy to assemble. The Omni Tapestry is a living wall system.



The planters are filled with Omni Infinity Media, which replicates healthy ecosystems of true soils, improving long-term plant growth, and reducing on-going maintenance. A high-efficiency irrigation system and strategic irrigation controls keep plants hydrated.