Omni Wins IL-ASLA Award

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Omni is honored to accept a 2017 Honor Award from IL-ASLA in Landscape Architectural Research for its rooftop wheat prairie atop the Studio Gang Architects headquarters. 

Exploring the overlooked capabilities of green roof agriculture, Omni pursued a unique opportunity to research the quality and feasibility of green roof grain production. The resulting wheat prairie harvest was a proof-of-concept project, culminating in the first-known rooftop wheat harvest.

The wheat was initially intended as a cover crop that would create a singular, pastoral aesthetic. However, when the grain matured into a toxin-free, food-grade crop, Omni Ecosystems and Studio Gang capitalized on the research potential. Omni brought local urban youth from the After School Matters program into the project, learning hands-on lessons in productive landscapes.

The students threshed and winnowed the grain, and Baker Miller Chicago milled it into 66 pounds of high-grade pastry flour. The wheat prairie project provided valuable data regarding green roof grain production and proved the viability of rooftop wheat production.

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