Omni Innovation™ is a research & development laboratory pioneering beneficial applications of natural ecosystems.


Omni Innovation has two utility patents for the pioneering Omni Tapestry and Omni Green Roof.

Between 1976 - 2013, women held less than 8% of all US-based utility patents. Omni is proud that CEO & Founder, Molly Meyer, holds both patents.


Omni innovations are often born from tackling specific project challenges. When the team behind Nico Osteria restaurant approached Omni for a lush living wall, Omni invented the Omni Tapestry to meet their need.

Drawing from the experience and talent of our diverse team, Omni Innovation’s work is rooted in practical, intelligent, and solution-driven thinking.


Mike Repkin

Director, Omni Innovation

Mike is a microbiologist and ecological designer with four decades of professional experience. In the 1980s, he worked on desert re-vegetation research and the microbiology of colonizing Mars. As a solider in the Army, he worked at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. Through this work, Mike cultured a library of biota that can metabolize inorganic materials to produce organic matter and fuel plant growth.

Mike discovered that his interest in growing vegetation in hyper-hostile environments is applicable to rooftops. The biological communities he cultivated through his research are now at the core of Omni Infinity Media, the advanced growing media used in the Omni Green Roof, Omni Terrain, and several other Omni products.

Mike leads Omni’s research and development lab, pioneering new, natural systems that solve diverse ecological challenges.