Gold coast Residence

Chicago, IL

A desire for privacy, tranquility and environmental harmony informed the revisioning of this 1,600-square-foot rooftop terrace overlooking Chicago's Lincoln Park. The design features grassy terrain knit with spring bulbs that is counterpoised by a shaded forest canopy, carpeted with low-lying sedges and ferns.

Prior to its redesign, the terrace was exposed to neighboring buildings overhead. Nineteen trees around the perimeter and a vine-covered arbor over the dining steppe were added to create a vegetated sanctuary for homeowners. The combination of quaking aspens, flowering magnolias, redbuds, native white pines and dense European Hornbeams establish intimacy while embracing the natural features seen from the terrace. The lush green space is complemented with a hearth and spaces to gather, lounge, and dine.

Working with architect von Weise Associates, Omni Workshop led the landscape architecture design and Omni Construction the buildout, making for a seamless collaborative process.