Cummins Distribution HQ

Indianapolis, IN

Cummins Distribution Headquarters is a 5-acre corporate campus located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. The striking facility includes a 9-story tower, parking garage, retail space, and urban park.  A 19,000-square-foot Omni Green Roof canopy caps the campus’ parking garage and softens the view for Cummins employees and downtown residents.

Another 3,800-square-foot Omni Green Roof with trees, grasses, and perennials surrounds the outdoor terrace, bringing the ground-plane landscaping onto the building. Totaling 22,800 square feet, Cummins’ Omni Green Roof is the second largest green roof in Indianapolis.




Credit: Nicholas Folari Denney

“The installation of the garage – a highly graphic design to be seen from the higher floors of the new headquarters building – involved inventive methods for establishing horticulture in limited soil profiles. Omni’s soil mix is ideal for constrained sites and made for the perfect environment for a diverse palette. Plants included varieties of Hemerocallis and large sedum, as well as a meadow mix.  They are perfectionists and whether the matter was expressed as a concern of our studio or their own attention to detail, whatever the concern, it was addressed expeditiously.”

- Dave Rubin, Founding Principal of DAVID RUBIN Land Collective