Graphic Design Manager

Breionna Myles is the Graphic Design Manager with Omni Ecosystems. Born and raised in South Chicago, Breionna earned her Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the Illinois Institute of Art at Chicago. She is currently pursing her Master's of Fine Art in Photography online at the Academy of Art - San Francisco and is completing a software engineering certificate program at General Assembly Chicago. With Breionna's vast experience in the digital media industry, her objective is to help shape Omni’s branding guidelines and ensure Omni's voice is recognizable across all digital platforms and throughout the industry.

Prior to Omni, Breionna was a local wedding and maternity photographer and serviced the entire Chicagoland Area. She is currently working on a photojournalism project about the low-income citizens of Chicago titled "I'm Still Here." The project will capture the city’s abandoned neighborhoods and homeless population, giving them their voices back and reconnecting them with loved ones. In her spare time, Breionna loves to practice creative writing and photojournalism. You can also catch her playing Call of Duty Black OPS 4, Tekken 7, Mortal Kombat 11, and Destiny 2: Forsaken on Playstation.